I’m not superwoman, and if you’re reading this blog chances are you’re not either.  If you’re like me, keeping your priorities straight and balancing your roles can be a challenge.  These are some of the posts I’ve written to help me think through the juggle.

Juggling work and homeschooling

Having it all

When balance…isn’t

Playing to your strengths

You have more time than you think

Review of “Life’s Work”

Review of “Torn”


2 thoughts on “Work/Life

  1. Hello Catherine,
    I went to bed too early last night and now I’m wide awake. Beginning this sleepless episode by checking out recipes on Pinterest, I somehow (& thankfully) ended up on your blog. You have a wonderful calmness about you that easily surfaces in your writings. I so enjoy reading about your educational experiences, as I am a public school teacher with many of your same values. How fun it would be to sit at your table as you teach those littles (my nieces term for her youngest children).

    Anyway, I was looking through your Kids Books section. Have you ever read the book Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech? I read it every year to my 2nd graders and they LOVE it. It’s so full of great descriptive writing and so touching.

    Thanks for sharing your life and experiences with us.


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