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Individual Connections and School Work

If you have children, you’ve probably noticed that flexibility is a helpful tool for parents.  It seems like something is always shifting, someone’s schedule needs to be tweaked, some new phase is starting.  This on-your-toes-keeping can be fraught with drama (when … Continue reading

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The Play’s the Thing…Approaches to Teaching Your Kids About Shakespeare

I’ve dabbled in exposing the kids to Shakespeare here and there in our homeschooling journey–you can’t read far into Charlotte Mason or classical education without at least stumbling on the how and why–but I was recently inspired to make it … Continue reading

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Talent and How to Get It

I love reading about how our brains work so I really enjoyed The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How.  The book covers the way that our brains get good at tasks (by very careful, “deep practice” not because … Continue reading

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