Sabbath Reading: The Songs of Jesus

songs of jesusI realized in my recent post on Kidner’s Psalms books that I had forgotten to review Tim Keller’s The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. That’s unfortunate, because I loved the book and would highly recommend it.

Keller writes in a very accessible and yet deep way, and the short expositions in this book are uniformly thought-provoking while still being easy to read in a short sitting. Designed as a daily devotional, the book covers a passage from the Psalms each day, with many Psalms taking more than one day to fill the year.

I got so much from this volume, and felt like it really jump started my practice of reading/praying through the Psalms each year. The book makes a particularly great companion to Keller’s book on prayer, in which he goes into more detail about how and why to pray with the Psalms. In fact, I think you’d get more out of either book by reading them together.

If you’re looking for a great daily devotional, I’d recommend The Songs of Jesus. It has a great balance of depth and readability that make it a solid choice for all sorts of readers.

What are you reading this Sunday?


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4 thoughts on “Sabbath Reading: The Songs of Jesus

  1. Thanks for sharing this idea of Sabbath reading. I’ve done it the last two weeks and it’s definitely something I hope to continue. I like the idea of taking a break from my normal reading and picking up books that I can finish in a single day, so I’m scouring my shelves and suggestions for books that would doable to read on a Sunday. Last week, I read The Art of Turning by Kevin DeYoung (my pastor), which was very short but worthwhile to consider. Yesterday, I read Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner, which was longer but very easy to read. I took pages of notes and feel like I’ll be thinking about it for weeks to come. Next week I plan to read The Mark of the Christian by Francis Schaeffer, which is also very short.

    1. Wait, if Kevin DeYoung is your pastor, you need to meet my friend Laura Boland, who also goes to your church! She and her family just moved to NC this fall.

      I haven’t read The art of Turning or Mudhouse Sabbath, but have added them to my list at your recommendation. Thank you!

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