Sabbath Reading: Psalms

Kidner 2If you’re looking for a fruitful book to study, you can’t go wrong with the Psalms. Pretty much anything you’re going through is probably a topic, and there is so much depth and richness and insight for who God is and what He’s like, how to worship, and how to live. This is probably my favorite book of the Bible, and I study it on repeat every year.

In 2017 and the first part of January 2018, I used Derek Kidner’s commentaries on the Psalms (Volume 1 and Volume 2to aid my study. I got a lot from the two-volume set. Although at times the style is a bit more academic than some people like (I don’t mind, and didn’t find it dry), Kidner’s insights are so piercing and insightful that I would recommend them to anyone.

The books are best read in small portions, which made them ideal for daily reading and study. I initially planned to do one Psalm per day, and then launch into another book on the Psalms, but so many of the Psalms wound up taking me more than one day to work through that I wound up going over the year a bit. You could easily space this out even more with Kidner–the entries for each Psalm are meaty. Or you could study one Psalm per Sunday if you have other devotional reading going throughout the week.

If you’re new to studying the Psalms, I’d recommend you read Songs of Jesus first, as it’s a lighter (albeit still excellent) overview, but then you could transition easily to Kidner’s books.

I’d highly recommend Kidner’s two-volume commentary on the Psalms, and plan to check out some of this other books.

Do you have a favorite book about the Psalms?


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