Sabbath Reading: Living in the Light

living in the lightJohn Piper’s Living in the Light is a short but punchy treatise on how to keep God at the center of your life so that you can enjoy money, sex, and power as blessings rather than being enslaved to or worshipping them.

“The bottom of sin, the root of all sins, is a heart that prefers anything above God, a heart that does not treasure God over everything else, and everyone else.”

It’s a good distinction. As Christians, we’re not called to eschew any of these three things, just to keep them in their proper places. You see people (and by people I mean all of us, probably) fall off the horse on both sides with these issues–it’s just as easy to deny Christ centrality in your life in a more internal, subtle, religiously/socially acceptable way as it is to sin visibly in these areas. Piper wisely points out that whenever we’re looking to money, sex, or power for security or value or fulfillment or meaning or identity…and the list goes on…that is a problem. The book is geared toward Christians, and Piper spends time unpacking these areas for that audience.

“We fight as forgiven people trying, in the power of God’s spirit, to become what we are.”

I enjoyed Living in the Light’s hopeful tone and insight, and think it would be a quick, helpful book for a Sabbath read.

What are you reading this Sunday?


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