Sabbath Reading: Against the Gods

against the godsThis year I decided to set my Sunday reading time aside for books of theology and spiritual matters. The first book I picked up was John Currid’s Against the Gods.

The book considers the question of whether or not the Old Testament was written in response to or by borrowing from the myths and religions of ancient pagan civilizations. I thought the topic sounded fascinating.

Unfortunately, I think I was not exactly the target audience. I was hoping for lots of depth and cultural analysis, as well as deeper theology. The author, however, states up front that he’s writing on a more casual level, so the book stays pretty light. That’s an interesting choice for the topic, as I wonder how many people would be interested in polemical theology but NOT want detail and depth. However, if you’re casually interested and looking for a quick and not-too-demanding treatment of the topic, Against the Gods could be for you. I didn’t disagree with the author, just wish he had given us more.

What are you reading this Sunday?


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2 thoughts on “Sabbath Reading: Against the Gods

  1. Today I’m revisiting Jen Wilkin’s None Like Him. The premise is so simple, yet I keep finding helpful instruction and fodder for meditation.

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