2018 Word of the Year: Elegance

In 2018, my focus is elegance.

What do I mean by elegance? Will I spend the year in pearls and large sunglasses, lunching in fern-laden bowers whilst not perspiring? I certainly hope so. However, I primarily chose the word for its design angle.

The creative designers and developers I work with often describe concepts, code, and tools in terms of elegance–meaning the simplest, most effective answer to a problem or requirement.

Elegance encompasses attitudes and frameworks that are graceful, imaginative, and intelligent.

An elegant solution is “pleasingly ingenious” and “well-suited to its purpose.”

This is the mindset I want to cultivate this year. I do not expect that my family, work, or circumstances will become less intense or demanding (I put this blackout poem by Austin Kleon on my inspiration wall) but my attitudes can shift towards elegance. I can look for the simple, effective processes that free me up to be more effective. I can respond graciously. When it comes to problems and sticking points, I can be resourceful and astute. And hopefully I can learn to be pleasingly ingenious, rather than annoyingly so.

In the technical sense, elegance is not a once-and-done state, it’s an iterative process. And that’s true of people, too. It doesn’t matter if I was cut out for the work at hand. I’m becoming well-suited for my purpose.

I’ve been choosing a word of the year since 2011. Things never turn out as I expect, but I can look back on these themes and see how I have learned and grown in interesting ways through the exercise.

My word for 2018 is elegance. What’s yours?


6 thoughts on “2018 Word of the Year: Elegance

  1. My word for 2018 is restore. The last fourteen months have been pretty difficult, beginning with the death of my mama. This year I’m eagerly anticipating how God will restore my health, soul, joy, relationships, and more generally the years that the locust has eaten as I prayerfully wait and hope in Him.

  2. Elegance is a fabulous word, darling. I hope you live it fully.
    This year, my word is ‘breathe’. I want to literally breathe more: intentional deep breaths, exercise, and outside time. And also I want to make space for few things I find relaxing that aren’t productivity driven: making music and reading fiction.

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