Hodge Podge: Car Books + 1

Whenever we find ourselves in the car as a group, we listen to audio books. With five kids in tow, it’s not like we would otherwise have in-depth conversations–we save that for one-on-one time. Instead, we allay fights and complaints with an engaging story. Here are a few we’ve listened to lately, plus one additional read-aloud that–as with critical pieces of plot exposition–was added because it had to go somewhere.

The BFG – The kids had all read this one independently but I hadn’t heard it before. It’s terribly funny. My favorite part was the queen and her butler and the line about how the queen prefers bagpipes. Highly recommended.

Misty of Chicoteague – This short book is an interesting story about a brother and sister who capture and tame a wild horse, and is another one of those books that highlights just how much kids were allowed to do in days of yore.

james-giant-peachJames and the Giant Peach – Come to think of it, yes, we were on a bit of a Roald Dahl tear. This was another re-read (actually, I think we have read this one aloud at least three times, and the kids have read it independently, but it still bears repeating!) but well worth it. The audio version of this book is terrific. The voices are very well done. Highly recommended.

The Adventures of Richard Wagner – We read this aloud from a paper book, so have no idea as to the quality of the audio version, but here it is anyway. Normally, we love books by Opal Wheeler, and were looking forward to this biography of the composer Richard Wagner as a child. Unfortunately, this one was just not up to Opal’s usual snuff. We found this book dull and only very tangentially related to Wagner’s composing career. The others in the series are far better.

What have you listened to in the car lately?


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5 thoughts on “Hodge Podge: Car Books + 1

  1. I listened to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow last October on my once-a-week, 45-minute commute to work. It’s perfect for this time of year – I LOVE the autumnal descriptions of the countryside that Irving paints.

  2. Ooo, spooky, Julie! My car companions are preschoolers and it has only just this year occurred to me that they might be able to handle a non-picture book as an audio book. But when I checked out Paddington Bear (read by Stephen Fry) and they were mesmerized! Not sure that they could recount the all niceties but they neither did they disobey into banal bickering while riding so… success.
    So when I saw the audio of Winnie the Pooh on digital sale this week with a comparable narrator lineup, I didn’t really hesitate. Exited to slowly build our collection of quality listening!

  3. Second the Winnie the Pooh, especially if you can find the version narrated by Jim Broadbent. And we loved the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – pleasing to multiple ages and stages of children and grown-ups alike.

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