Guest Post: Helping Kids Around the World

This is a guest post from Hannah, age 11.

Hi, my name is Hannah. I have always really cared about injustice. Last year, I found out from Accessories for Hope that many kids around the world are in danger and even in slavery. This summer, I read a book called I Am Malala, and I was shocked to learn that some kids my age can’t read or write!

My friend, Maya, also cares about injustice. We want to make a difference. We are only kids and we do not have jobs or cars so there is not a lot we can do. So we decided to hold a lemonade stand and cookie bake sale this weekend to raise money for kids that don’t have a home, or enough to eat, or an education.

All of our profits will go to World Vision, which helps to take care of kids around the world.

If you would like to help us, we will be set up at the Kroger near 79th and Fall Creek in Indianapolis on Saturday, July 8, from 10am to 12pm. Come buy some lemonade and cookies, and help us to make a difference. Who knows? We could change the world!

One thought on “Guest Post: Helping Kids Around the World

  1. Dear Hannah,

    I will not be able to come to the sale, but I will be glad to send a check for you to give World Vision. I hope the stand is a great success! Wish I were there to help bake cookies!


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