Warriors of the Storm

Warriors of the Storm HB.inddIf you like Bernard Cornwell novels, you will love Warriors of the Storm, because….

…wait for it…

…it’s a Bernard Cornwell novel.

And oh, is there ever a formula for these.

It’s a good formula. But after reading several of the books in the Saxon series, I kind of feel like if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.

I’ll keep reading the series because at SOME POINT Uhtred will finally either win or lose at his ultimate goal, but I wish Cornwell would hurry up!

I don’t mean to pan Cornwell overall. He writes excellent battle scenes and I think he does a great job of capturing the somewhat more murky periods of British history.

Do you usually stick with a series, even if it gets a little drawn out or starts to disappoint?


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