A Town Like Alice

aliceI keep saying I’m done reading about World War II, but this month one of my book clubs chose A Town Like Alice and although I missed the meeting (I’m turning into That Person Who Always Misses Book Club…) I really enjoyed the book.

The book follows a remarkably resilient girl through an amazing (and based on a true story) survival in World War II Malaya, to her attempt at a post-war life in England, and finally her likewise amazing adulthood as a pioneer of sorts in the Australian bush. The author did a great job with the settings, so that I wished I could visit each of them, especially Australia, cat-eating-spiders notwithstanding.

The only issue I had with the book was a sort of shaky narrator–I wish Shute had settled on a slightly different frame and/or had been more consistent with the point of view. However, the book is still great and I’d recommend it, whether or not you like World War II stories or tales about Australia.


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4 thoughts on “A Town Like Alice

  1. I listened to this one last year and loved it! The narrator did a great job with the different accents, so that was a lot of fun. I’ve liked finding more WWII books about the war in the Pacific, vs the more common European focus. Glad you enjoyed it, too!

  2. How odd — I just remembered that I watched the miniseries many years ago. About all I remember, aside from scenes of Australia, is gazing at Bryan Brown!

  3. If your kids are ever studying Jewish refugee children during WWII, there is a lovely little series by Annika Thor. I recently finished the first book (although I listened to the second book in audio form before I figured out that it was part of a series). She based this historical fiction on interviews with and journal entries from refugees who were sent to Sweden as children.
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