Hannah Reads: A Lunchmeat Book About Cats


This week’s review by our resident ten-year-old:

Not all books are good literature, but that doesn’t mean they are bad!  If you want to know what good literature is, ask yourself:

  • Does the author write really well? Does he or she use beautiful words and imaginative writing?
  • Is the story captivating?
  • Does it have important ideas that make you understand things better?

If you think about good literature as your favorite meal, like steak or spaghetti, you might want to eat that all the time. But sometimes you might want to eat lunchmeat.

warriors_into_the_wild_frontcover_large_5ApjLPT94NmCZNpInto the Wild is like lunchmeat.  Long lunchmeat.  Even though it may not be good literature, it’s very enjoyable!

The book is about Rusty, a kittypet, which is what the book calls a cat that lives with a human (the book calls humans “twolegs!”). Rusty longs to go into the forest. One day, he does, even though his friend, Smudge, warns him against it. While Rusty is in the forest, he is ambushed by Graypaw, an apprentice warrior of the Thunder Clan. There are four clans of cats who are not pets: Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, Wind Clan, and River Clan. The clan is a group of cats who live together in the forest. It’s kind of like an Indian tribe that doesn’t move around. The leader of the Thunder Clan invites Rusty to join the Thunder Clan.

Rusty has to choose. Should be join a clan and become an apprentice? Or, will he stay warm and pampered and live a safe kittypet life?

Into the Wild may not be a steak and spaghetti book, but it’s very enjoyable! As long as you read a lot of good literature too, it’s fine to read lunchmeat books sometimes.

Hannah’s questions for kids (and adults):

  • Do you only read good literature, or do you read lunchmeat books too?
  • Do you have a pet cat? If so, do you think the cat secretly wants to join a clan and live in the wild?


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3 thoughts on “Hannah Reads: A Lunchmeat Book About Cats

  1. Another great post, Hannah! Though I do not care for lunch meat, you did make this sound like an enjoyable story. When I read a book like that, I call it a beach read; very relaxing and a good story to lose myself for awhile.
    Love you!

  2. I do like lunchmeat reading sometimes! Since you asked a question about cats, I had to comment. I have two pet cats – our older kittypet Sasha would not at all like to live in the wild; she loves sleeping in her heat-nest under the dresser. Our younger kittypet Kitsune Neko would, I think, secretly want to live in the wild. She is always excited to go into the back yard … until she hears something scary! Then she is happy to be back in the house again. 🙂

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