When you don’t love the next one

Sometimes books suffer in comparison to the first one you read by the same author, don’t you think?

istanbul passageI probably would have liked Istanbul Passage a lot more had I not read it so close on the heels of the author’s more recent book, Leaving Berlin.  While this book had the same evocative setting descriptions (and I do think Kanon does a great job of putting the reader in the city he describes), solid historical details, and strong plotting, Istanbul Passage didn’t grab me as much as did Leaving Berlin. And, because of reading them so close together, I also felt like I could pick up on Kanon’s formula.  A lot of writers have one, and I think mystery writers do in particular, but I prefer to forget about it in between reading books from one author. So I think I’ll continue to put Kanon on my list, but will probably want to add a couple of months between his books.

TRUTH-COVER_FinalI enjoyed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, so I looked forward to the author’s latest work The Truth According to Us. The book got a lot of press–at least in the places that I check for book reviews–and so I had high hopes.

The book was good, and I enjoyed it, but it wrapped up really neatly in some ways that made the ending unsatisfying for me, and I thought the whole thing was entirely too long for what it was. It wasn’t bad, and I still think it’s a good read, but I might have liked it more had I not gone in with high expectations.

Do you run into this problem when you read multiple books by the same author? How do you get around it? Do you give a set time to take a break between books by one author?


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2 thoughts on “When you don’t love the next one

  1. Just wrote about this on my blog. I absolutely loved Ingrid Law’s Newbery-winning debut Savvy, but books two (Scumble) and three (Switch), while still good books, just didn’t live up to the magnificence of the first book. It must be incredibly hard to follow-up an outstanding book. Readers simply go in expecting the same level of greatness.
    Wendy recently posted..Book Review: Switch

  2. I definitely try to space out books by the same author! ha ha! Like the Maisie Dobb series — I usually request the next book after I finish the one I’m on and then suspend the hold until I want to read it. But sometimes I get on a kick and read a bunch of one author in a row!
    Heather L. recently posted..Mondays are for Grace

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