Notes From a Small Island

notes from a small islandIf you enjoy travelogues and/or have a deep and abiding love for Britain, I highly, highly recommend that you read Bill Bryson’s excellent Notes from a Small Island.

Bryson, an American who went to live in England just after college, married an English girl, and raised a family there for twenty years, undertook a weeks long trek around the island prior to moving back to the US.  His documentation of the trip is funny, interesting, and clearly the work of a committed Anglophile.

I enjoyed reading of Bryson’s adventures and determined that I’ll have to re-read the book if I ever get the chance to make a lengthy trip to England myself.  While I wouldn’t want to follow the exact same itinerary or see the same things necessarily, I think the book would give some good ideas for a long trip.

My favorite part of the book came at the end, when Bryson’s wife picks him up from the train station and they drive home.  He sees his stone house, which was built before American independence, and the church in his town, which was built before Columbus set foot in the new world, and reckons how lovely it is to return home after a journey and how much he loves this part of the world.

Notes from a Small Island is a fun, touching, and delightful read, and I highly recommend it.


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4 thoughts on “Notes From a Small Island

  1. If you loved this one, do try “I’m a Stranger Here Myself” (which I have, if you wish to borrow). It details his return to the United States and his impressions of both the changes and differences between the two countries. He is such an awesome humorist. I adore his books and snatch them up at every chance.
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  2. I love Bill Bryson’s writing, especially “A Walk in the Woods” and “At Home.” This anglophile is adding NFASI to my library list!

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