Bridging the gap between ivory tower theory and Everywoman’s reality

money making momDon’t get me wrong–I love big picture theoretical thinking about major issues like women in the workforce. I avidly read books like Lean In, Torn, Life’s Work, Overwhelmed, I Know How She Does It, and all of the articles and discussions I come across related to the work/life/parenting identity issue.  I’m a product of the ivory/ivied tower, and I identify with the frameworks in most of the work/life balance literature.  However, I’m also a mom in my 30s who has made some unconventional career choices, and in that sense, I often feel a bit outside the target audience for working mom books.

As a strategic thinker, I appreciate the theoretical aspects of how we should raise our kids to think about work and family, how we might change the conversation with young women about structuring their careers and families, and so forth.

But for me, and, to judge by the emails and comments I’ve gotten, for you blog readers too, the theories might give us some ideas for tweaking our own situations, but they don’t always lead to concrete steps.

Once you’re already down the road of family concerns, and you’ve already made your initial choices about college and career, what do you do with a need to add to your family income?  How do you go from being a 30 year old mom of three with a degree but little work experience to paying bills?

That’s where Crystal Paine’s latest book, Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference, really shines. Crystal draws on her own experience making money online (which, while flexible, is not realistic for everyone) and then more broadly from women in different situations and circumstances to show how every woman–not just those with Ivy League degrees, advanced certifications, or killer entrepreneurial acumen–can provide for her family and have an impact in her sphere of influence.

While overall I think it’s important to read both the theoretical and practical parts of this discussion, I think the practicality of Money-Making Mom may make it more worth your time if you’re in a crunch or really in need of practical steps to take from right where you are in life to better your financial situation.  The book releases tomorrow, but there is still time to pre-order it (which usually means a lower price) and pre-orders also get access to Crystal’s five-day class on making over your schedule (once you’ve ordered, click here with your receipt information to get the bonus). I’ve paid for Crystal’s courses in the past and always found them well-worth-it, so this is a good chance to get one for free.

In your own experience, what holds you back from taking steps forward in augmenting your financial situation or giving more generously with what you have?  Is it a need for more clarity of vision, or for more concrete help?


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4 thoughts on “Bridging the gap between ivory tower theory and Everywoman’s reality

  1. I’m pretty accomplished at imagining roadblocks, all the reasons why a change would NEVER work. I always appreciate your adventurous spirit and optimism with respect to finding and executing methods of integrating professional discipline and personal life, and for being reflective and sharing your reflections along the way. I might have to check out Crystal’s book.

  2. I don’t think the bonus is still available. There is a different 5-day course available for free on Crystal’s website, though.

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