Second Quarter in Books, 2015

You can flip back through the reviews of the 28 books I read in the second quarter this year (or peruse the 17 longer kids chapter books we read aloud) if you missed any, but here are my superlatives for April-June 2015 with links to the original reviews:

Best Fiction

It was a tie between The Buried Giant and All The Light We Cannot See.  Both are remarkably well crafted, surprisingly structured, and engagingly told.  It takes true talent to write literary fiction that is so engaging it could be read on the beach.  These two books fit that rare bill.

Best Parenting/Relationships

Nurture by Nature began changing the way we parent overnight. The book is incredibly insightful and the application of Myers-Briggs personality typing to children helps parents relate to children with more grace and individual focus.  A must-read for any parent, teacher, childcare provider, or anyone interested in personality types.

Most Thought Provoking

I might not have called it at the time, but I have not yet stopped thinking about Overwhelmed.  From identifying our cultural assumptions and contrasting them with how balance works in other countries to its realistic and encouraging tone for those of us who don’t always have everything all together but want to live full lives anyway, this book will get you thinking and may be helpful as you look for solutions to your own unique situation.

Most Practical and Potentially Life Changing

If you’ve ever tried to establish habits or resolutions and failed, or if you’re so dismissive of habits that you never even begin, Better Than Before is for you.  And even if you are a veritable ninja of habit establishment, you still need to read it.  You’ll understand yourself better, be better able to accomplish things by working with your tendencies rather than against them, and even understand other people better.  It’s a pretty great book, and could make a huge difference in your life. 

What was the best book you read this quarter?

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