February 2015 Read-Alouds

We read and/or finished a couple of read-alouds this month, as well as one family audio book and another I read in order to discuss it with Hannah.  Without further ado (side note: has anyone else noticed how often people misspell that phrase?  I keep seeing it written “adieu,” which is funny since it would then mean “without any more goodbyes!”  Yeah, I’m a dork, but you knew that!)  Onward.  February read-alouds:

eggIf you’re looking for a fun adventure involving intrepid small town boys and {SPOILER ALERT!} a dinosaur that shows up in the 1950s, The Enormous Egg is for you!  We all enjoyed this story, and the kids begged for more chapters every night.  The book is fun, lightly informative, and well written.  I think it would make good independent reading for kids, but it does lend itself well to reading aloud, and to enjoying with other people, especially because you will feel the need to speculate as to how a dinosaur would fare in your own neighborhood.

tucketWe stumbled upon Gary Paulsen’s excellent series of frontier adventures in the course of studying westward migration, the Oregon Trail, and the California Gold Rush.  We read the first book of the series, Mr. Tucket, out loud together.  It’s fast paced, full of adventure, and rife with detail about wagon trains, mountain men, and Native American tribal life.  I won’t give away too much of the story line here, but I highly recommend this as a read-aloud, especially if you have kids who like adventure.  My older kids co-opted the rest of the series to read on their own, but I may finish the series too because I am intrigued!

ringWe got The Fellowship of the Ring on audio for a long car trip.  It’s a long book any way you look at it, but in audio form it is really, really, really long.  Jack has read the book and loves it, but I think the audio was so lengthy that it sort of lost all of us at various places.  It doesn’t help that we had it playing in the room while everyone was coming down with stomach flu like dominoes, so I don’t think anyone heard the whole thing.  However, the version on Audible, which is unabridged, is very well done and I do recommend it.  I’m glad we own it (or sort of do, however that works with Audible) because I think it’s one we will revisit in future years.

horseI started hearing and reading about all sorts of people loving Elizabeth Goudge.  First I heard about her on The Read Aloud Revival podcast, then I saw her mentioned on Carolyn Weber’s blog, and after that I kept seeing references.  So I got The Little White Horse from the library.  I kept thinking “you know, I would have totally loved this as a ten-year-old.”  And then it turned out it was a YA novel, so I passed it on to Hannah, who liked it.  The descriptions are good.  I wouldn’t say I agreed with every point of the implicit philosophy, but it was fine as “books that are kind of fairy tales and include unicorns” go.  I’m not sure I’ll read any more of Goudge, but I might.  It might be the sort of thing where you need to discover her at a young age.

What was your family’s favorite read-aloud this month?


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  1. FYI Goudge mostly wrote for adults and her other books are not like the White Horse. Well, I can’t say for sure because I’ve never tried the White Horse — I keep getting it out but not wanting to read it since I’m not the biggest fan of YA. But I do enjoy Goudge’s other books. Some are slow, but she is definitely in the genre of “gentle writer”. The Pilgrim’s Inn series was my favorite.
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