Drowning Ruth

DrowningRuthIn Drowning Ruth, author Christina Schwarz uses narrative voices whose perspectives are limited by distance, age, and madness to unravel a mystery about family, love, and sanity set in the World War I era.

I’m almost positive I read this book when it first came out about 15 years ago, but I think if you weren’t already familiar with the story it would be layered enough to keep you guessing.  The author did a great job of using different voices that were all unable to see a full view to augment and support each other both as part of the story and as a narrative technique.

If you like mysteries and don’t mind unreliable narrators (and multiple points of view), Drowning Ruth is a well-told story and engaging without being the sort of fiction you have to drop everything to finish.  Those are good to have on hand from time to time, especially early in the year when you want to get some of your resolutions underway!

Do you ever start reading a book and then realize you probably already read it?  Usually I can tell quickly that I have already read something, but this book was long ago enough that I really wondered for a long time.  And then by the time I firmly decided that I had in fact read it before, I was so far into the book (and was on a long car trip) that I decided to finish it anyway.  I don’t regret it!


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One thought on “Drowning Ruth

  1. I can’t believe we are on the same wave-length once again with our “one word.” My word for this year is “diligence”, with the idea of pushing forward, going for it, taking myself in hand.

    You are so lucky you can read in the car!

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