A Must-Read Book on Prayer

keller-prayerI’ve read several great books on prayer (A Praying Life and Praying Backwards come to mind) but Tim Keller’s latest work, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God, is by far the best I’ve read so far.

In his usual style, Keller combines careful biblical scholarship with a detailed review of church and theological history, examining modern mindsets through the lens of Scripture and history to reveal blindspots and areas where our cultural framework may be less than biblical. After casting a robust vision and inspiring conviction, Keller moves into an eminently practical section of application.

Keller’s gift as a writer is in maintaining intellectual and theological rigor while using a very readable and understandable style.  His book on prayer is no exception.

What struck me most about the book was that it’s not solely about prayer.  Keller ties prayer into the broader devotional experience in such a way that after reading it I find my entire approach to reading the Bible and seeking God is richer and deeper.  Many concepts like meditation on Scripture, praying Scripture back to God, praying through the Psalms, and how prayer is a means of building our relationship with God, deepening our faith, and moving our beliefs from head knowledge into the very fiber of our lives are so well explained in this book.  The ideas aren’t new, but the exposition of them is fresh, clear, and couched in Scripture so I found my understanding grew exponentially as I read.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough as a high impact tool for deepening and strengthening your relationship with God.


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