100 Days of Real Food

100daysWhen it comes to eating healthy, real food, I know the good I ought to do but often just don’t do it.  At times I’ve been deeply into nutrition–making yogurt and kefir, sprouting everything, buying local, etc–and at times I’ve let things go.  The nice thing about having gone through phases of intense healthy eating is that I know how to do this stuff, and a gentle reminder is all I need to make changes.

I recently faced up to the fact that I had let too many things slide with our diet.  It’s too easy to tell the kids to make a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch, to pull out the white flour for everything, to fall into habits of having treats too often.  Although we don’t eat the Standard American Diet, I don’t feel my best when we get too loose with nutrition, and I don’t think the kids do either.

I picked up 100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love with changing our diet in mind, and found it to be a good catalyst.  If you really do eat the SAD, or if you don’t know anything about nutrition at all, this book would be a good start.  If you know a lot of things and just need a kick in the pants, the recipes will make the book worth it.  I disagreed with the author on some points, but I think as long as you understand that you have to draw your own lines in the sand on things like grains, dairy, organics, and things like that, you can still find the book useful.

As I mentioned above, the recipes are what make the book really helpful.  I got a lot of good ideas for non-PBJ lunches, as well as interesting and different things to do with the meat and vegetable routine we have.  I wasn’t tempted by all of them, but did find 13 solid recipes and ideas to try.

If you know you need to tweak your eating habits, or if you’re already knowledgeable about nutrition but need some fresh inspiration, 100 Days of Real Food could be worth perusing.

What are your favorite sources of healthy food inspiration?


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