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If you’ve only got time to read one book on family worship, I really recommend A Neglected Grace over The Family Worship Book: A Resource Book for Family Devotions.

That said, if you’re interested in the topic of how to set up family worship (or Bible time, or family devotions, or whatever you want to call it), The Family Worship Book may have some helpful ideas for you.  Personally, I found the tone a little less encouraging, and the suggestions seemed more black and white and less flexible.  But I did get some good ideas for components that could figure into our practice, and also a good list of hymns and Psalms that reminded me of favorites I still need to teach the kids.  I could have gotten that from a quick perusal of the hymnal and Psalter we own, but the list was a nice quick reminder.

At any rate, what we’ve settled on for a routine is to do our worship before we read the bedtime chapter of our current read-aloud.  We sing the Doxology, read a chapter of the Bible (from Acts, currently, we finished Joshua), sing a hymn or Psalm, say the Apostle’s Creed (because we’re working on memorizing so the kids can say it during our church services), work on our Bible memory, sometimes sing another hymn or Psalm, pray, and sing the Gloria Patri.  It doesn’t take very long, all told.  Some days it goes very smoothly.  Other days, the kids are wound up and it’s a tougher thing.  However, I’m keeping in mind the advice from A Neglected Grace that having the daily commitment is helpful over time, even if individual days here or there make you wonder if any of this is sinking in.  The commitment to having family worship and reading a chapter before bed has also made me more mindful of our family schedule, and what has to happen when in terms of eating dinner, doing evening chores, getting ready for bed etc, so that everything can fit between when Josh gets home from work and when the kids need to be in bed.

If you read any good books or resources on family worship, please send them my way–I’m interested in what other families do!


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2 thoughts on “The Family Worship Book

  1. I haven’t visited this blog in about a year, but would think of you and your great book reviews when I see or think of a book I have read from your recommendations.

    After browsing through the reviews, I have found a whole new list of books that I must read. Thank you for the lovely posts. They have saved me time and disappointment on more than one occasion. 🙂

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