The Night Circus

If you are, perchance, looking for an incredible story told in the style of a fairy tale, set in a Victorian circus, which also contains themes of consequences, how not all choices are black and white, and the ways that storytelling can help us see the magical aspects of life, you’re certainly looking for The Night Circus.  And if you didn’t know you were looking for a book like that, you should still read it, because it’s an amazingly well-told tale.

I listened to the audio version of the book while painting Jack’s room (a vivid dark blue) during a rainy day.  It was the perfect book to choose for those circumstances and was well read.  I’m only sorry that I didn’t read it myself because at several points there were quotes I’d have marked.  I might skim it again anyway as one of the book clubs I’m in will be discussing it for November.

At any rate, the author did a marvelous job with descriptions, really spinning a setting that sounded magical, whether she was describing illusions or feats of engineering or London streets of the 1890s.  Especially for a first novel, The Night Circus is really impressive and I recommend it.


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5 thoughts on “The Night Circus

  1. Ohh – thanks for the recommendation. I love all things Victorian England and will have to see if our library has this in audio form, as I’m always looking for a good book to listen to while walking on my treadmill. The best are the ones where you get so engrossed you forget that you are sweating and tired and ready to be done walking.
    Wendy recently posted..Book Review: Speaking From Among the Bones

  2. This sounds so interesting! Thanks!

    Btw, have you read The Goldfinch? I just recently finished it and wished I’d never read it. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t awesome either and it’s WAY TOO LONG of a book to not be awesome. Just wondering what your thoughts were. 🙂
    Catie recently posted..Shout Out to My Favorite Blogs

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