His Word in My Heart

His Word in My Heart: Memorizing Scripture for a Closer Walk with God has a simple premise: memorizing Scripture is accessible for anyone and useful for everyone who wants to know God more deeply.

Lots of people memorize verses.  In this book, however, Janet Pope talks about memorizing chapters, or even entire books of the Bible.  Quick to point out that she’s just a regular person, not a memorizing savant, Pope gives compelling reasons for memorizing larger portions of the Bible, as well as very practical ideas for how to go about doing so.

One thing that stood out to me about the book was Pope’s description of the affect memorizing has had on her spiritual life.  She notes that while reading the Bible and studying it had helped her, when she began to memorize she could study more deeply, found that Scripture was more a part of who she is, and saw how working to remember God’s word brought her continually into God’s presence–the simple action of replacing daydreaming or zoning out while doing mindless tasks with God’s thoughts gave new life to her prayers and helped her to understand Scripture more deeply.

The book not only inspired me in my own practice (I’ve long struggled with how to balance my desire to study God’s word with the reality of my daily schedule) but also gave me insight into our goals for our kids when it comes to Bible memory.  We’ve memorized chapters before, but I’ve wondered if instead we should be memorizing scattershot verses like my husband and I did as kids (in Awana, Sunday School, etc).  Those verses have stood us in good stead but I like how reading His Word in My Heart gave a vision for the value of learning God’s word in context.

On a practical note, I really appreciated the practical helps in the book.  From giving suggestions on how to get started (index cards on a ring is working for me–I can carry them around and don’t lose them here and there around the house), to specific ideas on when and what to do to really get the words into your mind and heart, the book is helpful and encouraging.

Because it’s such a great mix of vision and practicality, and on such a helpful topic, I really recommend His Word in My Heart.

Have you ever memorized an entire book of the Bible?  


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2 thoughts on “His Word in My Heart

  1. I have this book on permanent loan from my former pastor’s wife in Pittsburgh. I have not read it though, so your post is a good boost for me to get it out. I have never memorized a whole book, just chapters at a time. When I did memorize scripture, which I did more in college and right after college, it was an enriching aspect of my life.

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