A Whole New Mind

In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink looks at trends in history, technology, and business to suggest that to succeed in the future businesses and individuals will have to add right brain functions (like synthesis, big picture thinking, ability to craft story and meaning) to left brain tasks.

Since what I do for my job is basically to help companies solve problems, synthesize information, see big picture strategies, and create compelling narratives I naturally loved this book!  Hooray, I’m going to be successful in the future.  🙂  However, even if you don’t work as a consultant or creative, the book would be helpful to challenge your thinking and give you ideas for how to prepare yourself or your kids for the kind of jobs that won’t be easily outsourced or rendered obsolete in the future.

Pink spends the first half of the book making his case and the second half giving concrete examples for how to build the skills you’ll need to stay relevant and employable.  I thought the case-making was strong and compelling, but some of the ideas for building the skills Pink advocates were a little weak.  It might be a good start though, if you’re really deeply lacking in one or more of these areas.

A Whole New Mind is a well-written and interesting book, and would be relevant for people in all sorts of professional fields, as well as for parents.  I’d recommend it.


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