The Hole in our Holiness

The Hole in Our Holiness, Kevin DeYoung says, is that we don’t really care very much about holiness.  In this short and readable but full and convicting book, DeYoung explores what holiness means (hint: “holiness is more than middle-class family values”), what it looks like in modern life, and where the church as a whole and we as individuals are or might be falling short.

One problem with the pursuit of holiness is how very, very steeped we are in our own culture and milieu.  DeYoung does a great job pointing out the blindspots of Western Christians and calling us back to Scripture.  Throughout the book DeYoung sticks close to biblical texts and is clear when he’s giving his own opinion based on the Bible, and when he’s talking about a biblical command.

Most helpfully, he describes the fact that we can’t do anything to be holy apart from God, and yet we are called to actually do something to become holy.  Sanctification doesn’t just drop into our laps as we go about our merry way.  I thought DeYoung’s discussion of that perceived dichotomy between faith and works was possibly the best I’ve read.  Or at least that I have read and understood!

I’d recommend The Hole in Our Holiness for personal devotional reading, but there are discussion questions in an appendix that could be used in a group setting.


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One thought on “The Hole in our Holiness

  1. I’m in the middle of Crazy Busy via your recommendation and I really like it.

    Holiness is a subject I often wonder about. So many Christians (myself included!!) are comfortable with (insert sin here). Even though we’ll never attain perfection, we should *try*, right? I think The Hole in Our Holiness is already on my library hold list, but if not, I’m adding it.
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