The Fault in Our Stars

One of the book clubs I’m in is reading The Fault in Our Stars this month, or I never would have picked it up.  Mostly I just don’t really care for YA, but also because a love story about terminally ill teenagers doesn’t appeal to me.

However, there were aspects of the story that I really liked.  The teen characters were well read and articulate, and their responses to their illnesses were thoughtful and nuanced.  The book does a good job of pointing out how terribly unhelpful most people are when responding to someone who is ill or in trouble, and suggests a better way of handling it.

As a heads up there is a bedroom scene (I know, kind of obligatory in this genre, even if it didn’t actually add anything to the narrative) which I mention not because it was lascivious but because I’d want to know that if I were hunting books to give to a young teen (in that, I’d probably rather my kids talk to me about stuff like that than just read it in books and assume it’s a morally neutral thing).

If you like YA or teen romance, you could do far worse than The Fault in Our Stars, although for the sake of honesty I must admit that I think you could do better too.


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