Kids, Cake, and Easter Dolphins

A while ago someone asked for a family update.  So, since I’m in the middle of five books at once but haven’t finished any of them, I thought I’d do a random picture post.

Eliza turned one yesterday! She really likes cake.  It has been such a joy to have a little baby around again!  The big kids love her and she melts us all with her big hugs and grins.

Finding coordinating Easter outfits for four variously sized children is not as simple as one might expect. So when I found three outfits all smocked with the same dolphin pattern on eBay, I went with it. After all, as my husband says, “Nothing says Easter like dolphins.”

Believe it or not, I didn’t plan the egg hunt coordination. I dressed Eliza, then Hannah and Sarah chose pink and green, and Jack took one look at the girls and went off to collect this polo shirt. He spent all of last summer refusing to touch the shirt with a ten foot pole because it contains pink. This year, however, he philosophically observed that “Grandad has a pink shirt, and it does match better with what the girls have on.”

Hannah and Jack are each learning to cook.  Most weeks they each handle one dinner (with lots of oversight and supervision, naturally).

Sarah’s main thing is creative costuming.  Unless we’re going somewhere, and often even if we are going somewhere, I just let her pick out her own outfits.  It often involves wild color combinations, hairbows attached to random edges, and a cape.  She certainly has flair.

We still don’t have a good family picture of the six of us, but I can assure you that Josh and I do exist.  As proof, I offer the above picture of Josh and upside-down Eliza.

And here I am with Jack, who was being silly.

A couple of months ago I asked the kids to describe our family.  “We’re problem solvers,” Jack said.  “We like to read,” Hannah said.  “We’re the kind of family that does a lot of silly stuff!” said Sarah.  I think that kind of sums us up.

Have a lovely weekend!

One thought on “Kids, Cake, and Easter Dolphins

  1. Love this post! I’d love to see more of these kind of posts. 🙂 LOL @ “Nothing says Easter like dolphins.”

    Your kids are so cute! Love that first picture!
    Catie recently posted..Maths

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