The Worst Hard Time

Prior to reading The Worst Hard Time I didn’t know a lot of detail about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.  I mean, I had historical knowledge about it, but I didn’t know the details and the personal stories that really drive home what something was like.

The stories in The Worst Hard Time are staggering.  I was astounded by how bad things were, and the depths that people dropped to in order to survive.  I can’t imagine the horror of watching my children starve and only having boiled tumbleweed to feed them, or not having a single paycheck for an entire decade and not having any options for getting out.

In a different twist, I listened to this book in audio form rather than reading it.  I didn’t mind it, and it was a good way to redeem time that I otherwise would just listen to random music (washing dishes, taking walks after the kids are in bed, driving by myself in the car, etc) but wow, it was so slow.  It took forever to get through the book, when I could probably have read it in a couple of hours.  Also the guy reading had a very annoying way of pronouncing “bison” and “drought.”  But I’m thinking that checking audio books out from the library (our library has an app so I can listen from my phone rather than with CDs) might be a good option for random times.

At any rate, The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl was a worthwhile read (apart from some unnecessary profanity I could have done without) and I’d recommend it as a good source of historical depth.  Reading this book would be helpful to understanding the Roaring 20s and the Depression, and will make you grateful for your blessings for certain!


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