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Here is just one of many reasons why I’m a marketer’s dream: I bought a book just to get the free e-book reward for pre-ordering. And you know what? The free e-book was worth the cost of the hardcover volume that will be delivered to me some time next week. Here’s the scoop:

Jennifer Fulwiler, who writes the very funny and thoughtful blog Conversion Diary, is releasing her new book Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It
on Monday, April 28.  If you pre-order it (from Amazon, for example) and then fill out the form on her website, you’ll receive her 98-page e-book The Family-First Creative.

Jennifer wrote her book while having six kids in eight years and homeschooling and doing freelance writing gigs and fighting scorpions (They live in Texas.  Her scorpion stories figure prominently in my conviction that I don’t want to live in Texas.)  The Family-First Creative, which you can’t buy separately, is Jennifer’s detailed treatise on how she makes this happen.

I love hearing how people make their lives work.  Normally I get my fix of that sort of thing from day-in-the-life type blog posts, but after reading those I always think, “OK, but how do you afford that?  How is that sustainable?  How did you make that happen?”  Because Family-First Creative is a longer and better organized account, you get those details.  Since I’m a writer who also homeschools (although I only have four kids), I knew I’d get a lot out of the book, and I did–two typed pages of ideas and action items I can actually implement and make my life smoother.  However, even if you aren’t a writer, or aren’t homeschooling, if you have a family and some other outside interest or activity, The Family-First Creative would be helpful.

The book will help you:

  • Identify what your ideal family week would look like and help you get there, 
  • Discover your schedule or work management pain points and get around them,
  • Keep working on your dream/goal/vocation even when you’re tempted to quit,
  • Keep perspective so you can accomplish your goal without sacrificing your family.

If you want to see the table of contents and get a taste for the writing, you can read a 10 page sample of the e-book here.

So essentially I’m recommending that you pre-order Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It before April 28 in order to get the e-book.  I figure, if the book is not something I want to hang on to (although I expect to enjoy it because I love funny, thoughtful memoirs and other writers I like endorsed it) I can always sell it back on Amazon or at the used book store.  But even if I don’t, I really feel like I got my money’s worth just from reading The Family-First Creative.  

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon.  If you pre-order Jennifer’s full-length book before April 28 you can get the e-book free.  I didn’t receive a review copy of either book, but if you purchase the full-length book through my Amazon link I will get a little kick-back.  I appreciate every purchase y’all make through my Amazon links–they help to pay the hosting fees and allow me to buy more books to review!

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