Time Warrior

Time Warrior is similar in tone to War of Art, and like that book it has some good thoughts and motivational messages mixed in with some hyperbole and silly stuff.

Time Warrior has less of a “do your project” focus and more of a “think differently about time” focus.  I got some valuable points from the book, including:

  • You don’t have to believe your feelings about a circumstance; you can change your thoughts and have a better attitude to be more productive no matter what is going on.  [Charlotte Mason ideas crop up in the oddest spots, right?]
  • Don’t scurry around letting anxiety run your life.  Defend times of focus, and don’t misuse your imagination by worrying.
  • Motivation is overrated.  Just do what you need to do and let the motivation follow the action.
  • “What gets measured gets done.”
  • Feeling “behind” is an optional concept.
Although it’s not anywhere close to the most helpful book on time management I’ve read, I did get some good ideas and reminders from Time Warrior.  It’s structure lends itself to snippet reading, so if you like to have a book around for reading in short spurts this would be a reasonable choice, especially if you enjoy books on time and getting things done.
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