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In Slim for Life fitness personality Jillian Michaels compiles a lot of diet, exercise and lifestyle tips without bogging the reader down in all of the science or reasoning behind them.  That could be good or bad depending on your perspective.  If you have read much of anything on diet or exercise nothing in this book will come as a surprise, but if you’re new to the topics this is a good overview.

Michaels organized the book as a series of ranked tips, and advises the reader to select which ones to implement, then analyzes your potential for success based on how many high, medium, or low priority tips you selected.  Again, if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, this could be very helpful.

If you already know a lot about fitness and health, I’d recommend reading Michaels’ book Making the Cut instead.

As a fitness aside, I’m struggling to fit exercise in to my life these days.  On paper it should work–somewhere between the working and homeschooling and everything there should be an hour for exercise–but in reality my extra time doesn’t seem to coincide with times of day when I feel any energy.  It’s a problem, and I keep tweaking to try to figure out the best time to fit in a workout.  When I do manage it, I’m using Kickbox FastFix(very short, but super-targeted, alternating an arms, legs, and abs focus in three workouts), Hard Body (longer workouts, crazy hard), and 6 Week Six-Pack (baby weight is off but my abs missed the memo).

What workouts or other health resources are you loving (or maybe not loving, but using) now?


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2 thoughts on “Slim for Life

  1. I do like Leslie Sanson’s walk stuff. I also really like walking outside (not hiking, walking). I’m not using any of it….

  2. Some of my current favorites include: Jazzercise Dance HiiT, Doonya, Refit, and Ellen Barrett. Thia, if you like walking DVDs, you might want to check out Jessica Smith. She has several new ones coming out April 1. (The digital versions are already available.) Also, for anyone in the market for workout DVDs, Collage Video is having a going out of business sale. Even if you don’t buy from them, I recommend the site for video clips, thorough descriptions, and product reviews.

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