The Shift: Owning Your Solutions

Ostensibly, The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life is a memoir of weight loss, but the gist of the book is much more widely applicable.  The book details how Johnson started owning a solution to a major problem in her life.

How many times have you tried to solve something halfheartedly?  Maybe it’s a diet or exercise program, or maybe it’s changing a job.  Maybe it’s something you need to do differently in parenting or a difficult budgeting decision.  What Johnson gets to the root of in this book is that in order to get results, you really have to own your solution.

What does that mean?  For Johnson it meant that she was ready to give up foods she liked no matter what, and stick to her diet plan (she went with a simple one: eat less, low carbs, only real foods) no matter what was on the hors d’oeuvres tray or what her friends said.  Her diet plan will work best for abstainers (moderators need things like cheat days, but for abstainers cheat days are like an alcoholic celebrating a week of sobriety with a scotch), but the principle can apply to any determination.  Whatever you choose to do, commit.

If you’re looking for weight loss inspiration, especially if you tend to be an abstainer when it comes to food, I’d really recommend The Shift.  I’d also recommend it to those who are interested in mindset and the process of changing habits.  It’s a fast and interesting read, with good take-aways.


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