What Stresses You Out?

My husband forwarded this interesting infographic to me last week.  It uses the Myers-Briggs types but inverts them to describe what stresses different types out.  Josh is an ISFJ and I’m somewhere between an ENTJ and ENTP.  Once we got started talking about it of course I pulled out my handy copy of Please Understand Me (I feel like everyone should own this book–it’s an indispensable reference).

I know that some people deplore personality types as an indulgent way to excuse bad behavior, but I see them as a helpful means of understanding tendencies so that you can communicate and work together better.

For example, the infographic highlights that two things that stress Josh’s type out are indecision and last minute changes.  His type likes established routine.  However, my type really dislikes established routines, and is known for constantly trying new ways to improve systems (I think this is why I read so much in the time and life management genre).  I doubt that I’ll convert him to the joys of constantly tweaking in pursuit of efficiency, and he’s not likely to make me like mundane tasks, but somehow knowing these things about each other is really helpful.

If you’re interested in personality types, really the best and most exhaustive resource I’ve found is Please Understand Me (link is to my longer review).  It gets at a lot of the nuances of types that simplified overviews can’t cover.

Do you know your personality type?  Do you find the concept helpful or annoying?

7 thoughts on “What Stresses You Out?

  1. That info-graphic is actually really helpful, especially the stressors. And it confirms what I suspect my husband’s personality type to be, because the list of things he is stressed by (or in his case, has little tolerance for) is spot-on.

  2. I came across that infographic a few weeks ago and fell in love with it! The stressors of ISTJ describe me perfectly. I can’t wait to check out the book you recommend. I love to learn about personality types so I can understand others better, appreciate their strengths and be compassionate towards their weaknesses.
    Elizabeth @ DogFurandDandelions recently posted..Comment on Choosing Gratitude: Chapter 4 by Elizabeth Johnson

  3. Thanks for this!! I need to check out that book! Actually, I’ve never read any books on personality traits but I keep hearing more about it so might have to move this kind of stuff up my to-read pile! (I’m INFJ and my husband is ISTJ (with 100% introvert!!) these both ARE US for sure!)
    Sarah Ronk recently posted..Cedarwood

  4. Not surprisingly, I love this graphic! Thanks for sharing this, Catherine. It’s a nice companion to Please Understand Me II for us Myers-Briggs nerds. 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, I am a total Myers-Briggs nerd too and find the concept endlessly helpful and intriguing. I’m a frothy ENFP and my husband is an INTJ — these stressors are absolutely on the money. (BTW, I always sensed your “ENT” and just assumed you were a “J”. Your interests and presentation of self remind me a lot of a friend from college who is a decided ENTJ.)

    Speaking of . . . my husband recently read a book that dovetails nicely with the Myers-Briggs concept called “The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World”: http://www.amazon.com/The-Master-His-Emissary-Divided/dp/0300188374.

    He gives me book reports every night as I make the evening meal and it has been fascinating!

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