War, Zombies, Monkeys, Oh My!

Doesn’t it seem like all books about panicky impending doom include monkeys? If they don’t, they should.  Because monkeys add some levity to books that are otherwise sagas of humanity on the brink of extinction, and that’s kind of a bleak topic without monkeys, am I right?

Especially if the problem is not really a disease per se but actually an apocalyptic wave of zombies threatening to take over the planet.

Yes, I read a zombie book.  Betcha didn’t see that coming.

Neither did my husband.  I sent the poor man to the library to return Anna Karenina and pick up the books I had on hold.  Next thing I know my phone is blowing up with texts like: “You like ZOMBIES now?!”

I texted back: “Silly man, nobody LIKES zombies.”

Especially not the people in Max Brooks’ imaginative World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Written as though it’s a series of interviews with survivors, the book is surprisingly detailed and considers how different countries would respond to a zombie onslaught and how humanity would fight back.  The premise was thorough and I enjoyed reading it for the alternate-present feel of the setting.  Some sections seemed a bit gory for my taste so I skimmed some stuff, and I wouldn’t recommend reading the book while you’re home alone at night, but since I am rarely alone and rarely read this sort of fiction, I enjoyed it.

I’m not sure how to caveat or recommend this book, since if you’re the sort of person who reads this blog you are not likely the sort of person who reads a lot of zombie fiction, but if you’re looking for a wild change of pace and something completely out of your ordinary, you might want to give World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War a go.

After all, it does contain monkeys.


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5 thoughts on “War, Zombies, Monkeys, Oh My!

    1. Now that I know it has monkeys, I can perhaps overlook the zombies – ha. I know the trailer for this movie was quite over-the-top intense. It was so visually stimulating I thought I might get sick. Hope the book wasn’t quite as intense.

  1. I normally agree with you on a lot of books, and my husband is currently reading this one, but I just don’t think I can go there!

    I did just finish The Secrets of Happy Families, on your recommendation, and really enjoyed it. It was an interesting compilation of ideas. I’m not sure how many we will put into use, but talking about the chapters at supper time did lead to some interesting discussion. And why have I never thought to type up my travel to-do lists. They are always the same!

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