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Instead of saying “Life is so busy” I think I’m going to try saying “Life is so full” instead.  Right now my life is full of good things (mostly–I’m not going to lie and say I love waking up three times a night with the baby!) and I’m pouring my time into homeschooling and a new exercise routine and doing fun things with family and friends, so all of my extra writing time is going to the writing I do for work.  Since I’ve let the blog languish a bit, I thought I would use Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Twitterature link to catch up on book reviews.  More on other topics soon!

I loved Michael Card’s Scribbling in the Sand: Christ and Creativity.  An excellent and inspiring set of essays on how to be a Christian artist, this book gave me a lot to think about as a writer.  While Card doesn’t think that Christians should use their art (music, writing, painting, what-have-you) as a bludgeon for evangelism, he does have unique insights into how being a Christian changes how you’re an artist.  After reading this book I added several more scenes to my novel (yes, dear reader, I’m still working on it).  If you liked Makoto Fujimura’s book (which you should read if you haven’t; it’s excellent), you’d like Card’s as well.  #recommended #writing

I adore Shauna Niequist’s writing–it’s funny and poignant and somehow encapsulates things I’ve thought and experienced in a different way that makes me say “aha!” and understand their significance better. Her book Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way is amazing.  It’s about navigating difficult circumstances and relationships and learning to let go of doing-it-all, about trying not to lose old friendships and accepting how desperately you need grace all the time.  It’s also about writing and parenting and food.  In short, it’s a rich and full and incredible book.  #readit #bestof2013

I always get a lot out of Paul David Tripp’s books (if you haven’t read his book on marriage, stop now and go read it because it’s phenomenal) so I wasn’t surprised to find Broken-Down House: Living Productively in a World Gone Bad insightful and helpful.  It took me a while to get into it because I thought the opening section on the house metaphor was a little long, but once I got to the meat of the book I gleaned a lot of great thoughts about theology and life.  Tripp’s writing is deep and wise, but accessible, and his section on dealing with waiting through difficulties was hands down the best explanation of how to handle suffering that I have ever read. #helpful #insightful

After enjoying Amy’s bookclub posts on this book and getting so much out of the author’s more recent book Desperate, I so wanted to love Seasons of a Mother’s Heart, but in the end I got way more out of Amy’s observations than I did from the actual book. I did get some encouragement as a homeschool mom so it wasn’t a waste of a purchase (our library doesn’t have the book so I bought a copy), and perhaps I’ll read it again and have a different perspective later.  #ok #homeschool

You can read more short reviews of books at Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Twitterature linkup.

What have y’all been reading lately?


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4 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Someone must have given my husband Broken-Down House, because it’s been sitting around my house for YEARS, but I’ve never once thought about opening it. I’m adding it to my list now.

    I really liked Bittersweet, but I wish I’d read it before Bread and Wine, which felt like a much stronger book to me.

    (You’re not going to Influence by any chance, are you? They *just* announced Shauna is speaking for a special session, but details haven’t been shared yet. I’m very excited to hear her.)
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy recently posted..Twitterature (September 2013 Edition)

  2. Such great books recommended here! I loved Scribbling In The Sand – when I met Makoto at a talk at a Dallas church (nerd alert), I totally had him sign his essay in that book, b/c that was where I first read his words. 🙂 I definitely need to read Refractions – I’ve heard of it for some time, but now I’m intrigued. Blessings and Congrats on your new baby! Really enjoy your blog!
    Sarah Caldwell recently posted..Four Favorite Recent Downloads {Mixtape Monday}

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