Fun, Games, and Facial Wounds

I apologize for being absent from the internet, but we moved last week (again, this time to the permanent house). Getting the house into some sort of order has taken precedence over things I normally enjoy like blogging and sleeping.

Things I have learned over the past week:

  • When a microwave is tossed up in the air from a moving truck ramp and it lands on concrete, it breaks.  The movers wanted us to plug it in to verify that fact before they gave us $50 to cover it.  We were happy to oblige.  And we were happier still that the microwave was the only thing they broke, although there were a couple of tense moments with the piano.
  • Sump pumps aren’t optional.  Actually, chalk that lesson up to the builders, who forgot to plug the pump in prior to a rain.  Fortunately for us, the basement flooded before we closed on the house, so replacing all the carpet and baseboards was on their nickel and not ours!
  • Objects are not always as pictured.  My parents and I attempted one of those popular Ikea Hacks–you know, where a design blogger buys some cheap something from Ikea, adds a bit of this and that, and voila!  The cheap Ikea thing plus that piece of perfectly sized beveled marble you found in the woods while hunting for truffles with your domesticated boar looks like a way more expensive thing!  I love posts like that, seriously.  It’s like watching a workout video from the couch and feeling healthier afterward.  At any rate, we were aiming for built-in bookcases in my office (pictured above).  However, once assembled, the Ikea bookcases leaned crazily about like a bunch of shabby hipsters who forgot their V-8.  In the end, after lots of measuring, paint, trim, an extra trip to Home Depot, and a healthy dose of muttering, we got a decent result.  It would look great from a trotting horse, but since I decided to ban equine visitors due to the high potential for damaging the floors, guests will need to squint if they are offended by imperfections.
  • It’s all fun and games until you get hit in the face with a golfball-sized flaming chunk of firework.  Our new neighborhood puts on a fantastic all day 4th of July party, complete with parade, meals, carnival games, prizes, DJ, and…a fireworks display over the lake behind the neighborhood.  Unfortunately, this year one of the pyrotechnics exploded a bit too close to the crowd and I was hit in the face with a large piece of hot debris.  I’m SO thankful it didn’t hit four inches lower where Eliza was sitting in my lap!  It left a second degree burn, which has healed with incredible speed much to my delight.  The episode provided a helpful reinforcement to my explanations to the children about why we were not going to avail ourselves of the “Buy 1 Get 5 Free” fireworks sales.  Education: it’s a life, y’all.
I’ll be back with a book review on Wednesday, and hopefully a Quarter in Books post after that, only a bit late.  I hope you all had a marvelous, literature-enhanced week!

4 thoughts on “Fun, Games, and Facial Wounds

  1. I’ve been wondering how you were doing. I’m glad that you’re mostly okay. I’m sure you’re relieved to have the majority of the move behind you. As for sump pumps…welcome to my life. Keep your eyes open for a submersible to have as an extra so that if the installed one dies, you have another on hand. And of course you need a back up generator so that when the power goes out in a torrential rain, you can still run the sump…

  2. Looks great from here! Now where’s the pic of the burn? My imagination is running wild. ;P But seriously, so glad that it is healing quickly!

  3. Well, I’m not on a trotting horse right now but think the shelves look great. I love the cool blue tone with the white and melon colors and dark hardwood floors. Eye candy! I’m sure you’re loving the new house!!

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