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No matter how busy or balanced, I can’t say I’ve ever run into a mom who wants to spend more time cooking unhealthy food for her family. Go figure.  I enjoy cooking, but used to find that preparing whole foods and cooking from scratch took up hours of my day.  Again, it’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking, but I felt like it ate up (ha ha) too much of my day.

And then I went on bedrest, which was later sort of modified to mean “rest whenever you can but it’s ok to heat up easy meals as long as you’re not on your feet very long.”  The prospect of spending several weeks feeding my family the sort of “easy meals” that one simply “heats up” did not appeal to me, so I have been really pleased to find several references for fast and easy paleo recipes. While I don’t think it will replace Well Fed as my favorite fast/easy/healthy cookbook, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook also has some great ideas, and tackles the topic of healthy eating for families a bit differently.

What is paleo?

Well, we’re living like cavemen.  Just kidding.  Paleo mostly means eating whole foods, heavy on protein and produce, and getting carbs from sweet potatoes and squash and other fruits and vegetables.  Although I haven’t completely thrown out things like brown rice and whatnot, I do think it’s wise to limit refined carbohydrates and focus on more vegetables.  We may eventually get to the point where we can try a Whole 30, but while I’m still on restrictions it’s better to do baby steps.

What kind of recipes are in the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook?

The recipes in the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook aren’t as closely tied to how we already eat as the ones I found in Well Fed, it gave me some great ideas for cooking with kids, establishing healthy eating habits in children, and making healthy foods that kids will like.  For example, the book includes a very quick recipe for Ranch dressing that leaves out the chemical/icky stuff bottled dressing comes with, and several flavorful ways to present vegetable side dishes without a lot of tricky “just hide it” recommendations.  I particularly like the recipe for a zucchini salad (note: if you live near me and are one of those people who find zucchini coming out of your ears this summer, please let me know. I have such a black thumb I can’t even get zucchini to grow to save my life!) and appreciated the recommendation for kelp noodles.  Since Sarah can’t have gluten, finding a noodle alternative that also incorporates vegetables and doesn’t have a weird taste is huge.

Overall, I found the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook a helpful addition to my quick/easy/healthy arsenal, and if you’re into the genre you’d probably like it too (although if you only have the budget, space, or time for one quick/easy/healthy cookbook, I still like Well Fed best).

What are your favorite quick/easy/healthy recipes?


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  1. Have just planned this month’s menu around Well Fed and am thinking I will have to purchase the book…..I really like it!! Will have to look at this book too. Just so you know, I can’t get zucchini to grow either. 🙁
    Heather L. recently posted..Words and Wool

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