I love to learn about parts of history from different angles, and after enjoying Amity Shlaes’ book The Forgotten Man so much in 2008 I was happy to see that she came out with another exceptionally well-researched book, this time on President Calvin Coolidge. Serving as a prequel of sorts for The Forgotten Man, Coolidge puts the life of the president in historical context, and gives a different perspective on historical events you might remember from high school history classes, like the Teapot Dome scandal and the construction of Mt. Rushmore.

I was most intrigued by Coolidge’s character and consistency in governance.  As I read, I kept thinking “If only we had more politicians who honestly just cared about governing well, not about power and fame.”  Coolidge reminded me of former Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, who has a similarly unassuming, collaborative, fiscally responsible approach.  Since my husband is a presidential history buff and also a political junkie, we had some very interesting discussions about this book and parallels to the present day.  

If you know any history enthusiasts, Coolidge would make a great book gift.  And because it’s so engagingly written, you could pass it on to people who dont’ normally read widely in the history genre–it makes a great story, not just an explanation of past events.

Do you remember much about Coolidge?  Whether or not he’s one of your favorites, I’d recommend Coolidge.

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