Apologetics: Foundations for Communicating Your Faith

Apologetics for the Glory of God by John Frame

If you’ve ever wondered about the theory and philosophy of how and why we tell people about our faith, you might be interested in John Frame’s book Apologetics to the Glory of God.

I borrowed it from a friend thinking it would be more along the lines of equipping me to share my faith in a way that was not cheesy or superficial (my frustration with many evangelistic efforts is that they are so surface–five spiritual laws, a tract, that sort of thing–I think that’s an insult to people’s intelligence and also to the depth and complexity of God and the Bible).  There was a little of that in the book, but it was primarily an examination of the underpinnings of the proof, defense, and offense of communicating about the Gospel.

I’m glad I read the book, although at times it was over my head or denser than I needed.  Although it wasn’t so much a practical applications book, I do think that understanding the foundations of how to have a discussion about doctrine, sovereignty, the problem of evil, and other issues that I think come up naturally when you’re having discussions with people with whom you’ve developed relationships.

Overall I think the book was worthwhile and I’d recommend it if you want a good foundation in the theories of apologetics or common philosophical questions and objections to faith.

After having read the book, I think perhaps it actually was what I was looking for, because in reality if you do want to have deeper and more impactful conversations about faith you don’t really need a how-to manual, you need to be steeped in what you believe and care enough about the other person to give your true perspective, rather than being too concerned with hurting feelings or not having all the answers.

What do you think?  Have you come across any particularly helpful resources for communicating about your faith?


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