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If you’ve been thinking of giving Tapestry of Grace a try, this is a great opportunity.  Before April 12, enter the giveaway (instructions here, you’ll need to list a sponsor who has purchased a year plan from them before, so you can list me, Catherine Gillespie!) and you could win a free year plan.  That’s a HUGE savings so even if you just want a chance to look over Tapestry of Grace before you decide about using it, I’d recommend you enter the giveaway!

As full disclosure, if one of y’all wins, I’d win a free year plan too, which would be awesome.  🙂

Why would you want to use Tapestry of Grace?

  • Tapestry of Grace is an integrated history, literature, government, geography, philosophy, writing, and art history curriculum designed to be used with students at all levels from K-12.  
  • If you have children of several ages, Tapestry helps you keep the whole family studying the same time period while differentiating by age, grade, and ability.  
  • The curriculum makes use of classical (chronological history, deep coverage of classic works) and Charlotte Mason (idea-based, great living books/literature-based) ideals and is excellent for kids from the whole range of learning styles.  
  • As a mom who never naturally chooses hands-on activities and crafts, it was immensely helpful to have those things included, and for moms who don’t know how to pick out or assign living books or how much reading to do together, Tapestry would be invaluable.  

Even if you don’t win the giveaway, I highly recommend that you check out Tapestry.  You can download a free week plan to see how it’s set up, or learn more about how the years are covered on the Tapestry website.


Disclosure: If you enter me as your sponsor in the giveaway and win, I’ll win a free year plan too (and be SUPER grateful to you!).  If you purchase a year plan through my link in the sidebar or within this post (the “Tapestry website” link) I’ll get a small commission.  I’m a Tapestry affiliate because we have loved using the curriculum, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

3 thoughts on “Win a free year of Tapestry of Grace

  1. Jennifer Mize recommended me to this web site. I hope that I have done every thing right. She has been trying to help me get started with home school and she has recommended you to several people. Thanks I hope we win.

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