Sense and Sensibility

I enjoy re-reading classics every now and then, to enjoy the language and conventions of the past.  Sense and Sensibility made a nice “book treat” of that sort.  I saw the movie version years ago and read the book years before that, so it was nice to go back and really enjoy the writing.

I also spent some time thinking about the title.  It’s easy to think of it as an either-or: Elinor is sense and Marianne is sensibility.

However, during this reading, I decided that the word “and” is what’s most important in the title.

At the beginning of the book the girls really do tend strongly to those labels, but by the end of the book each has moderated her position and evidences both sense AND sensibility.  This may be something that even 9th graders learn when they read this book for school, but I don’t remember reading the book for school so I missed all of these probably obvious insights.  🙂

If you likewise enjoy re-reading classics, Sense and Sensibility would be a great one to add to your list!  It won’t replace Jane Eyre as my all-time-favorite-classic-for-re-reading, but a little variation never hurt anyone.

What is your favorite classic to revisit?


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5 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility

  1. I just finished reading “Pride and Prejudice”. I find that I like to re-read both P&P and Jane Austen depending on how I feel (light and fun or serious and deep) 🙂

  2. Have you seen the recent movie version of Jane Eyre (2011, I believe)? I watched it last weekend. It was a yawn. Sad. Pride and Prejudice (both versions) was done so much better. I have reread P&P several times, S&S only once, and I don’t recall ever reading Jane Eyre although I know I did at some point. I love reading classics now and then. I went on a kick for a while only reading classics because the newer books I chose were duds and/or disturbing in a terrible way (Ugh, like The World According to Garp–I think that one put me over the edge, thus the boycott on more modern books).

    1. I have found all movie versions of Jane Eyre to be egregiously disappointing. I do think I saw the 2011 one from a Redbox rental and also found it boring. It seems amazing that a director couldn’t do something with such a fantastic story, but so much of it is internal that perhaps it’s just too hard to get it on screen?

  3. Oh, and I never answered your question! I like rereading the Emily of New Moon series if that counts (probably that over her Anne of Green Gable series because it is shorter at only 3 books!). And the Little Women series. If those aren’t classic enough, Tale of Two Cities is one I return to!

  4. Jane Eyre? Really? Every time I re-read it, I find it more depressing. My favorites to re-read are Jane Austen’s and Tolkien’s.

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