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At first Peter Bregman’s book 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done may seem a lot like other time and life management books you’ve read.  Find your passion, pick one thing to focus on for a year, set goals, plan your day, etc etc etc.

Then, about halfway through the book, you’ll notice a subtle shift from the theory of getting your life together to very practical application of how to accomplish that.

Not by getting more done in less time or by doing it all, but by figuring out what the right things are and just doing those.  That little difference is what sets this book apart, and makes it incredibly helpful.

Also helpful are Bregman’s examples and anecdotes, drawn not just from business (he’s a management consultant) but also from life.  It’s helpful to see how these techniques can help you in parenting and personal endeavors–we all have things we want to accomplish in life and we’d all benefit from less stress, less wheel spinning and time wasting, and less multitasking (no, you’re not good at it.  No, it’s not helping you be more productive or making anyone else happy.  No, there is no reason to do it).

Although I read sort of rabidly in this genre, I found 18 Minutes unusually helpful and applicable and I’d highly recommend it.


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One thought on “Get the RIGHT Things Done

  1. I have been reading somewhat rabidly in the genre lately, as well, and was just thinking about this (choosing what are the right priorities, and also that we think we have so many choices to choose from).

    I hadn’t heard of this book until I read this review, so I’m adding it! Thanks for the recommend.
    Keren recently posted..Weekend Links: 13.03.16

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