Twitterature: Short blurbs on what I’m reading now

I’m a huge fan of reading books in more than one genre at a time.  It stimulates my thinking because different things require different types of thought, and it’s always fascinating to see how the ideas in one genre work with or conflict with ideas in another genre.  And if you ever find yourself spending a couple of weeks on the couch, it does give a bit of variety to your day (personal experience!).  Since I have reviews scheduled well ahead right now, you might not see the longer reviews for a while, but here is the twitterature version (that is, short and casual).  Thanks to Modern Mrs. Darcy for hosting the Twitterature roundup.

My Current Bedrest Reading Stack:

The One World Schoolhouse, by Salman Khan

The founder of The Khan Academy turns education on its head in a thought-provoking and inspiring new model for learning–kind of like applying the best of homeschooling to a broader, global setting. #brilliant #math

A Teaspoon of Earth and Seaby Dina Nayeri

Gorgeous and compelling novel of family, identity, and growing up set in Iran.  #beautiful #literaryfiction

The 4 a.m. Breakthroughby Brian Kiteley

Helpful tips on writing plus unconventional writing exercises, because one of these days I will finish re-writing the novel. #helpful #amwriting

Apologetics to the Glory of Godby John Frame

A dense, but worthwhile examination of “the variety and richness…of how Christians give a reason for their hope” to others, I’m reading this book slowly but finding it helpful.  #theology #illuminating

The 7 Experimentby Jen Hatmaker

I’m going through the group study version of Hatmaker’s awesome book 7 with an online group, and being challenged to think about consumerism and fasting in new ways. #funny #convicting

The Narrated Bible in Chronological Orderby God, but arranged by someone else

I am loving how this Bible intersperses Psalms with David’s life in the sections I’m reading now, and getting a lot out of reading the Bible daily with this approach. #Word

What are you reading these days?


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3 thoughts on “Twitterature: Short blurbs on what I’m reading now

  1. I’ve loved your book suggestions in the past so I’m definitely chasing some of these down! Just this week we watched a few Khan Academy videos at my house (subject matter: long division). Now I’m definitely intrigued by that book.

    “Gorgeous and compelling” are adjectives I like to see attached to novels–I’ll have to check that one out. And I just picked up The 4am Breakthrough from the library! (I requested it since they didn’t have The 3am Epiphany, oddly.)
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy recently posted..Twitterature (February 2013 Edition)

  2. The Khan book sounds like one I’d really enjoy, and I always like reading great Apologetics books.

    And I’m waiting for the Nayeri book from the library. I’m first on the holds list, thanks to hearing about it through you ages ago. I think it should be waiting for me on my next library trek. 🙂
    Sheila recently posted..Friday Link Love

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