Simple Living

This time of year I get bitten by the organizing bug.  I want to streamline and simplify and cut to the chase.  Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life was helpful for me in that phase and I think it’s a good short introduction to getting organized and paring things down if you haven’t gotten into that sort of thing before, or a good refresher if you’ve read other, longer books on the subject.

The book contains suggestions for how to pare down your stuff, your commitments, your schedule, and your responsibilities not just for the sake of minimalism or asceticism, but so that you can free up time for the things and pursuits and people that are really important to you.

I liked how the author kept circling around to that point, encouraging readers not to do something just because someone asked you to or you think you should, not to keep something because you know you’re supposed to love it, and not to do activities just because you happen to be good at them.  I also thought she did a good job of not slighting how difficult simplifying can be, and helping readers to sort through things that can get in the way of simplification.

I found Simple Living helpful and inspiring for this time of year.  At the time of this writing you can get it for free if you have Amazon Prime, and inexpensively if you don’t.  For readers in need of some encouragement in simplifying and streamlining your life in the new year, I’d recommend it.


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