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I’ve never had a home management binder because it seems kind of unwieldy to me, but after reading Getting It Together I’m feeling inspired to get a bunch of information and lists collected into one spot this year.  The book is short and quick to read, but does a good job of explaining why you might want different categories of information in one central location, and includes thirty printable pages if you don’t feel like making your own lists.

Although I didn’t personally need the instructions on how to make the notebook pretty (you can probably figure out scrapbook paper and mod podge if you’re into that) I did appreciate the tips for which lists to laminate, what to include on certain lists, and ideas for lists I would never have thought of but now plan to compile.

My notebook will probably look different from the author’s, and she acknowledges that every family will need something different, but I appreciate the impetus to get a lot of the detritus that currently floats loose in our junk drawer into a central spot, and I’m hopeful that with a small up front time investment I can save time throughout the year.

If you’re like me and get the organizing bug in January, you might like to read Getting It Together.  You can get it on Amazon, or, for an undisclosed but limited time, you can get a free copy for signing up for the author’s newsletter.

If you have a home management notebook of some kind, what do you find most helpful to include in it?


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