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Less than 19 weeks to go and still we doggedly search for a name for the new baby.

The good news is, we have narrowed the field by half because we found out it’s a girl!

The bad news is, we still can’t agree on a name for her.  Fortunately my girls arrive late, so that gives us a few extra days to hash it out.

Speaking of hashing it out, did you see that some crazy parents named their child Hashtag due to their love of Twitter?  It would have been cleverer to use the symbol in lieu of an H, like #annah or #enry.  But that is neither here nor there, because we like traditional names.

At any rate, I found myself reading yet another baby name book this weekend.  Although it bears some similarities to Bring Back Beatrice, Laura Wattenberg’s naming volume, The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby draws on more of an algorithmic approach to finding names you like.  Of course, there is nothing magical about algorithms, they are mathematical formulae, but we’ll assume that the author was overruled by her editor when it came to the subtitle.

In a process similar to how Pandora decides what songs you might like based on your general music preferences, The Baby Name Wizard divides names into categories and subcategories, so that you can find names in the categories to which you are most drawn.  Most of the names we like fall into the “antique,” “ladies and gentlemen,” “Biblical,” and “timeless” categories.  In addition to style, each name is shown with it’s popularity rank, a graph of historical usage, lists of brother and sister names that would match, and a short paragraph about name, origin, meaning, or other considerations.

I went through the book and mostly marked names we have talked about before (and am still partial to Eliza, although that is a compromise after other choices were vetoed) but I did find one possibility we had not previously discussed, Ada.

It’s difficult to enumerate the complicated criteria I use to screen names, and I’m usually puzzled by people’s suggestions, but I suppose we will know the perfect name when we see it or else we will call her Baby (and we will NEVER put Baby in the corner!).

If you have any other baby name book suggestions, please let me know!


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2 thoughts on “The Baby Name Wizard

  1. A friend of mine introduced me to when she was having trouble deciding on a name for her second.

    Not sure of all the bells and whistles, but I remember enjoying playing around on it at the time!

    And congratulations on another girl!!

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