Seeking Him

The women’s Biblestudies at our church recently finished going through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival.  The book had some good points, but I think I would have gotten much less out of it had I not been in a group.

The book covers a wide range of topics under the broad theme of how to experience a closer walk with God.  I would say that most, if not all, of those topics are better covered in other sources.  However, the strength of the book is as a group study, and being able to look at all of the topics in one volume together.

Over the years I’ve been in a lot of different Biblestudy groups, and I’m not certain why some are so good while others are just so-so.  I think it might come down to openness, degree of judgementalism, and willingness to be vulnerable.  Really good studies seem to have a very open atmosphere to people of all different backgrounds and situations, with very little judgementalism and a high degree of willingness to share personal struggles and insights.  Mediocre groups are still valuable since there is value in studying God’s word, but I find that when people aren’t accepting, are guarded and judging others, or are unwilling to share, the group lacks an ability to really go deep with applications and thoughtfulness.  Of course I’m not talking about inappropriate sharing, but rather the willingness to expose your ideas and questions without fearing scorn.

At any rate, I’ll issue a tentative recommendation for Seeking Him (I had a few reservations about tone and emphasis in a couple of chapters) but a wholehearted recommendation for finding a good Biblestudy group, no matter what book you study!


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