52 Mondays

Speaking of resolution prep, I found Vic Johnson’s book 52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness exceptionally helpful.

The format of the book, breaking goals down into weekly chunks, makes the volume stand out from other books of this type.  Each of the chapters of the book offers inspiration, addresses common pitfalls and reasons why people often give up, as well as what to do about that.  Helpfully, each chapter ends with an actionable task for that week that will get you closer to your goal.

The weekly format will be helpful particularly for people who have trouble following through with goals and resolutions or who want to stick to goal plans but aren’t sure how to put that into practice on a week-by-week basis.  I think this would be a great companion book to any of the time management and goal setting books I recommended the other day on this topic, because of its practical application.

52 Mondays is available in actual book form, but also as a Kindle download for $2.99.  Frankly, it’s a much better buy than Tell Your Time for the same price.  Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you can get it for free.

Have you ever followed through on a goal or resolution for an entire year?  If not, what has kept you from getting there?


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