Bring Back Beatrice!

I don’t know why, but we are having a dickens of a time picking a name for Baby 4. I have never in my life resorted to a baby name book, but now I’m desperate so I checked out Bring Back Beatrice!, a baby name book purportedly for parents who want names with character.

I found it quite entertaining to read, because the author and I share an aversion to “franken-names” and I appreciated how each entry included a section of “you might also like” names. Β That was especially helpful for girl names, but rather the same lot of eight names in the boy section.

We found a girl name we both like (Clara!) but realized with chagrin that it won’t fit with the kid set we have (Clara! Sarah! Doh!). Β Other than that we just went round in circles with the same group of names we’ve been batting around already, but it’s not the fault of the book.

I’ve no idea why we’re having such a hard time finding a name, but we’re open to suggestions.

Here are the names we have: Hannah, Jack (short for Joshua), Sarah

Here are the names I like but Josh is not feeling: Eliza, Eleanor, Margaret, Susannah ; David, Graham, Andrew, Thomas

Here are the names Josh likes but I am not feeling: Penelope, Elizabeth; Theodore, Calvin



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15 thoughts on “Bring Back Beatrice!

  1. Elizabeth, shortened to Eliza, seems like a good compromise for a girl. Of course, I am biased since my daughter is called Elizabeth! Also fond of Thomas for similar reasons, though we shorten it to Tom most of the time. Margaret is one of our family names, so I love that one too. The last five generations of my family (down the maternal line) have Margaret in their name. Lily’s full name is Eliazabeth Margaret Gillian P_…quite a big handle for a little girl! Love the old, classic names. Emma is nice πŸ™‚ Emma is Emma Mary Charlotte P_. in full. I love Charlotte, but my husband wasn’t over keen to have it for a first name. Caroline has always been a favourite of mine too, again with the husband disagreeing!. If we ever have another baby, I suspect we will have similar naming issues to you! I want to call my next boy Charles (Charlie for short) if we ever have one!

    Sorry…get a bit over excited where baby names are concerned and I’m not even pregnant πŸ™‚

    1. This is why I’m so keen on Eliza: it’s a nice compromise between Elizabeth and Eleanor, and it flows SO nicely with Hannah and Sarah.

      Hannah, Sarah, Eliza…see how they are so nicely balanced? And all ending in the “a” sound, and all similarly traditional yet not fussy…now how to convince Josh? πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never commented on your blog before, but love reading all of your book reviews!
    We recently had #4 and named him Matthew David. If he had been a girl we were trying to decide between Margaret and Elizabeth (with the nickname Liza).

    We have a Rebecca, a Joseph, and a Catherine – I think any of those fit with your current names!

    I had a tough time picking a name this time too!

  3. Oooh! Who doesn’t love talking about names! Boys names are always harder for us, but as I type that I’m thinking it’s because I usually pick the girls names (my hubby has to agree, of course) and he’s always wanted to pick the boys names and he’s rather picky!

    I love Eliza. I wanted to name our next baby that. Or Eleanor (call her Nora), or Claire (my husband loves that one too). We both agree on Simon for a boy. Not much else for boys names.

  4. Somehow I missed that you are pregnant again! Congratulations! How far along are you?

    I really like the name site You type in names that you like, and it generates names with a similar style.

  5. We have such a hard times with names, too!
    How about Rose for a girl (or a full version of it, like Rosalie or Rosaline)? We just named our daughter Adelyn Rose. Alice seems like it might fit in nicely with your other girls names. Also, we like Royce and it’s meaning – son of the King – for a boy. Our son’s name is Ewan Royce.

    I was in labor driving to the hospital when we finally decided on our little girl’s first name, and this is only the first girl name we had to pick! Hopefully you can both feel good about a few options for your little one before he or she comes. Congratulations!

  6. Theodore and call him Teddy! Every Teddy I have known has been just that: warm and loving.

    I do also love the name Eleanor/Nora. And we almost called our Sarah (Sally) by Rose, as her middle name is Penrose (grandfather’s middle name)….but then my dear friend down the street had her baby first and named it Rose…she goes by Rosie, and it is a pretty adorable name.

  7. Ah, I haven’t visited your blog in a while and didn’t know you were expecting baby 4! So are we! πŸ™‚ We know we’re having a boy, evening the score at 2 and 2 for us. We haven’t picked out a name yet, either, but we have somewhat of a limited field from which to pick since every one of our children has a Bible name (NT and OT or OT and NT, no less) for both first and middle names.

    I LOVE the name Eliza, and I was thinking of ways to talk my dh into it as a shortened form of Elizabeth (to keep with the Bible tradition) before we knew the gender of this baby. I love that you mention how your girls all have an -a ending; ours, too, and I’m picky about stuff like that now.

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