The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when all I want to do in the kitchen involves pumpkin or apples or both.  I love autumn!

So I was thrilled to find this fantastic resource: Amy Traverso’s The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.  The book is, of course, a cookbook, and does have a lot of really great recipes, both for things you’d expect like pies and crisps and buckles and whatnot, but also for things you wouldn’t expect, like Bacon-Wrapped Goat-Cheese-Stuffed Dates with Curried Apple Hash (I’m SO trying that, and SOON).

But it’s not just a cookbook.  In fact, the real value to the book, in my opinion, is in the extensive reference section at the beginning of the volume.  The first section of the book includes pictures and descriptions of an exhaustive list of different varieties of apples.  I learned so much about apples from reading it.  Moreover, and this is really great, I marked the varieties of apples I have seen in grocery stores and markets where we live, so now I know exactly what each one of them is best used for.  Just today I found a deal on two different types of locally grown apples, and because I had read the book I knew which of the two varieties I would like better and what sort of recipes would be best to use them in.

I also enjoyed the sections on apple horticulture and the ways different orchard owners are preserving different types of apples and developing new ones.  It was fascinating to read about the different ways apples are grown in different countries too.

If you like to eat apples or cook with apples, especially if you like to shop for apples in out of the way places anywhere around the US, UK, or France, you really ought to read The Apple Lover’s Cookbook.

What’s your favorite apple recipe for Fall?


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One thought on “The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

  1. I love autumn too. It is without a doubt my favourite time of year. I’m all about apples, cinnamon and blackberries this time of year.

    Somerset apple cake is one of my favourite seasonal recipes. Apple and blackberry crumble served with custard is another. Real comfort food! I always use Bramley apples for cooking and I prefer Cox’s Orange Pippins to eat for their crisp, tart flavour. I also love Russets, but I haven’t seen any for years, more’s the pity! I try wherever possible, to buy British apples. I think I probably ought to read this book…I’m getting excited about apples and apple recipes just typing this comment!

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